Friday, November 7, 2008

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

I was driving in to work last week, thinking about what most of us are thinking about these days. Money. Or lack thereof.

And how cool it would be if we had some.

I walked into my office, and as I was unlocking the door, I glanced down and saw a lottery ticket. I walked inside, thinking that whoever dropped it would be back for it.

But then, I thought that maybe it was a gift from God that He really wanted me to get it. And win.

And who am I to argue with God?

The rules were to scratch off every square and if you get three matching numbers, you win that amount. Easy enough.

I got a 5. I got a 100. I got a 10. I got a 10,000. Then another 10,000. And then I got another 10,000!!!

I was conflicted. What if this really was someone else's that I just stole? Should I take it to the next office and casually ask if someone lost a lottery ticket? But this was God giving this to me, right? I could seriously use $10,000.

I had it spent in my head within 2 minutes.

I flipped the ticket over, to find out how to redeem my money. The instructions read:

Send winning tickets to to the Money Fairy, 123 NoWhere Dr in Makebelieve Land
Valid only in your dreams.
Odds of winning: 0 in 10,000

Seriously, God- not funny.

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Wendi said...

Not funny at all!
I was already spending it for you too.
Maybe next time.

kimmie said...

As if God would give you a lottery ticket. DUH! Good one sis!

MommyTime said...

As practical jokes go, that's just a bit too mean. So sorry it wasn't real.

noble pig said...

Oh that would be such a bummer.

Terri said...

That stinks. Somebody has a mean sense of humor. :(


Ree said...

Those things are just cruel.

Nissa said...

OMG- I was totally thinking 'That's sooo awesome!'

My hopes for your money were dashed too, hun. I'm sorry.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hate practical jokes, including those stupid fake lottery tickets. Not nice!

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