Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sweetest Words

There have been lots of moments that I've been extremely proud of Maddie. The first time she rolled over, her first steps, the first time she told me "I wuv you", all made my heart swell.

And, every day I am more and more proud of her. Like when she told me that she would rather go to Target than Wal-Mart, I knew I had taught her well.

But nothing had prepared me for the flood of emotions that overwhelmed me upon learning of her newest accomplishment. I was completely unprepared, in fact, I was floored.

When she told me what she had done, I did a little happy dance. I began to think of how I could spend my free time that I would now have. I might make bread one day. I could learn French. I could get caught up on Project Runway, American's Next Top Model, and Top Chef. The possibilities are endless.

I still hear her glorious words, usually right before I drift off to sleep.

"Mommy, look!! I know how to dress my Barbies now!!"

My prayers have been answered.

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Jessica said...

Oh, I look forward to that day! I find all the Barbies lying naked in compromising positions around her and I'm tired of it! I told my Maddie that she needed to teach them a little modesty : )

kimmie said...

Hallelujah!! I remember the days.

(I remember Jeff Foxworthy saying one time that he dreamed he was GI Joe walking amongst all the naked Barbies having the time of his life.)

Karen said...

Wow, those are words moms of daughters long to hear from the time they buy that first soon-to-be-nekkid doll. Congrats!

noble pig said...

That's awesome and you will have a lot of free time now!

Anonymous said...

love this!

i was a huge barbie fan, this brings back so many memories.

Amy said...

Seriously one of the best milestones ever!

Wendi said...

Those are some pretty sweet words!

Enjoy your free time!

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