Friday, September 19, 2008

Right On Target

I've been in a funk, lately. I can't really pinpoint what's been going on.

Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's the high gas prices. Maybe it's the passing of my grandmother. Maybe it's the poison ivy. Maybe it's the stupid prednisone that I have been taking because of the poison ivy, that makes me irritable, hungry and downright nasty to be around.

Who knows?

But, I don't like it.

I don't like being impatient with Maddie when she asks 853 times if she can have a gem set that will help her clothes become more beautiful. I don't like wanting to eat everything I see. I don't like getting short with Justin over stupid stuff.

So, last night I got off work a little early. I was pulling out of the parking lot, and I turned right instead of left. For some reason, my car had a mind of it's own.

And it drove me straight to the Target parking lot.

I had one hour.

The minute I walked in, my mood lifted. This is what has been wrong with me.

I've missed Target.

When we lived in the apartment, Target was less than 5 minutes away. Now, it's 30.

I can no longer say "I'm running to Target, I'll be back in a half hour." I can no longer update my friends on what they just put on the clearance rack. My 2-3 times a week shopping trip has been cut back to twice a month.

And that is what has made me be in this funk. I'm sure of it.

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Anonymous said...

i've also suffered from this illness.

Anonymous said...

That's probably why I'm so cranky all the time.

I need to shop! Woot!

noble pig said...

Hilarious, and yeah the steriods will make you eat everything in careful.

Rachel said...

Do you know what's really sad? This is so right on Target (gawd, sorry, couldn't resist)

But seriously, you don't even have to buy, just being there is enough.
Do you think they pump some drug into the air system?
Maybe that's why we're all such Target freaks.

Marla said...

glad that your car had a mind of its own... target does the heart good...

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I live around an hour and twenty minutes from the nearest Target. I'm convinced it will drive me insane. :)

Carrin said...

Absolutely! I get the same way! Target is the bomb diggity. 3-4 times a week isn't an addiction, is it?

Nissa said...

Shopping is always the cure, I say!

I heart Target, too. You can have a spree there and not break the bank!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Target is so worth the extra time & gas to get there!

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