Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Spoiled Bratdog

I will be the first to admit that my mother spoils me and my family. In fact, when we go visit it is almost like a luxury hotel- complete with child care.

She cooks my favorite foods. She lets us sleep in. She makes Justin chocolate pies, yes- pies. If my laundry is in her washer, she sneaks in and puts softener in the load.

Maddie wants nothing to do with me or Justin when we are there. She is Gray-um's girl. And Gram always has some new toy or craft to entertain her.

But, this time she's gone too far with her spoiling of my family. Did I really just say that?

When we were moving from the apartment to the house, we knew it would be easier on us to not have a dog underfoot. My mom graciously let Grendal stay at her house for almost a month.

He is now a spoiled brat.

For 6 years he has eaten the cheap brand of dog food, and liked it. No complaints.

Grendal discovered her dog Lily's food while staying with her. Lily's food is the good stuff. Definitely not the cheap stuff that he's used to.

Yesterday, we ran out of the dog food that Gram sent back with us. I gave him some of the old stuff. The brat sniffed of it, turned up his nose and walked away. He hasn't eaten all day.

Justin just went to the store and bought him the dog food of the elite. As I type, he is chowing down.

What can I say? My dog's got taste. After all, who wants project steak bologna after you've gotten used to prime rib?

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Nicole said...

LOL! I thought having spoiled kids was bad... a spoiled dog too would be ridiculous!

Gram said...

I don't think I would call that spoiling you/Justin, Maddie, and Grendal--Just loving! Gram

kimmie said...

...Sarah said that Gram may spoil you (and her), but she is not complaining!!! :)

Kellan said...

How funny! Our Pomarian eats anything and everything - I wish she was more picky and maybe she'd stop eating all the cat food!

Hope you are having a good weekend - Kellan

Wendi said...

Your mom sounds like the best!
My parents spoil me too...I like that quality in a person!

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