Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm a mosquito magnet. Apparently, those little blood suckers can't get enough of me. I walk outside and the alarm is sent- "Fresh blood!!! Come get your fresh blood!!"

And I'm attacked. I'm lucky if I walk back inside with fewer than 5 bites in 15 minutes.

So, for the last few days, I've been really diligent about putting on bug spray when working in the yard. I spray every inch of skin I can see, then try to spray the skin I can't see- just in case. Ha! See if you can get me know, sucka!!

Yesterday, I noticed some bumps on my arms and legs. Unbelievable. They broke through the shield. Then, I noticed that the bumps were really close together and looked like little blisters. I woke up today with the blister like rash on my face and one ear.

And I'm itchy.

Yes, I fell victim to poison ivy. I should have heeded my mom's words, "leaves of three, leave 'em be." But I couldn't. I couldn't tell how many stinkin' leaves were on the plant because they were mixed in with tons of other plants choking the life out of my tree. The ground was covered with the stuff and now I'm covered with it's nastiness.

I'd rather face West Nile virus with mosquito bites than this maddening rash from the demon plant.

I'm off to take a bath in Benadryl cream.

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kimmie said...

Yuk! Be very careful, that little demon will make you sick if you are not careful. Was it that tree that Mom specifically pointed out was covered in poison ivy??? Take care.

Ree said...

ewwwww. Mr. Hot and Shortman have both had poison ivy from the vines hanging in the trees in the far-back yard.

I have so far, not succumbed. ;-)

noble pig said...

Stick with the poison ivy, many people have died from West Nile. Don't itch.

Kellan said...

Oh, you poor thing! I have had several bad cases of poison ivy and I wouldn't wish that on anyone! Hope it goes away fast! Take care - Kellan

Karen said...

Hmmmm, sounds like what Luke has. What is there to do about poison ivy?

Wendi said...

So sorry to hear about your encounter with the demon plant.
Poison Ivy is no fun at all.
Try husband swears by it.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies, that stuff is awful. If it makes you feel better, Stephen King wrote about his experience with the stuff when he was a child. He was out playing with his older brother one day and couldn't get back to civilization in time (aka toilet); his brother told him to go into the bushes and do his business there. Poor Stephen was horrified and didn't know what to use to wipe. Big brother reminded him that cowboys and indians used the forest and THEY used leaves to wipe.
So little Stephen King did just that. Imagine his nightmare when he broke out in a rash basically all over (and his swelled to looking like big red stop lights). Yup, he used poison ivy as toilet paper. He spent the next couple of weeks taking soothing baths while his brother and mother laughed 'till they cried outside the door.

This is a TRUE story! Feel better?

Kimmylyn said...

Oh man.. that is terrible.. fast healing thoughts being sent your way!!

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