Friday, September 26, 2008

Breaking The Rules

Wednesday I got the call. The call every parent dreads. You know the one- the one from the school nurse.

"I have Maddie, here. She's broken out in a bad rash on her arms, legs and cheeks. I think you should come get her."

No problem.

I decide to go ahead and take her to the doctor, just in case it is something serious, but I was almost 100% sure it was poison ivy. It had the same pattern that mine did last week, it got worse when she was hot, and she was itchy.

When we got to the office, I heard sneezes. I heard coughs. I heard germs breeding.

We signed in and were directed to the sick patient waiting area. I leaned in close to the receptionist. The other moms inched forward, knowing what I was going to do and wishing they could do the same.

In a half whisper, "All she has is poison ivy. Can she please sit in the well patient area? I really don't want to have to come back in a couple of days for something else."

She looked around, I'm assuming to see if her co-workers were listening. "Uummmmm. I guess it's okay."

It was poison ivy and it's getting better.

Despite my precautions, Maddie woke up this morning with 101 fever and a sore throat. Apparently, some sick kid sat in the well patient area.

And I'm guessing the parent knew about it.

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noble pig said...

Dang! I hate when that happens! Poor girl.

Sarah O. said...

Poor baby! And by that, I mean YOU! OK, Maddie, too. Itchy and feverish - not a great combination.

Our pediatrician has a regular waiting room and this mysterious little room they call the "Alternative Waiting Room". Absolutely no one, even the nurses, knew what its purpose is. I mean, is it for contageous kids or well kids? And how many sick kids have been in it, with the good intentions of keeping their germs away from the healthy kids, who use the room to get away from the sick ones? The mind reels. And every kid gets sick. Oy.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean! For the last 1-1/2 yrs we were without a family doctor. That meant visiting the local ER or after-hours medical clinic for our health care needs. Most of the time we were not sick but had to wait with the ill for significant periods of time.

people think I'm paranoid because I picked a seat as far away from the main crowd as possible and wouldn't let my kids touch the magazines or books set out in the waiting room. Just imagine how many sick people have thumbed through those things ~ sometimes by licking their finger before flipping a page!!

Another time when son was a toddler i rushed him to the family doctor with a very high fever. I sat away from the main crowd so no one would catch whatever it was he had (he had strep throat)...and yet some lady sat down with her kid, next to us! I leaned over and whispered to her about some mystery fever and bug. She sure moved fast!

I'm with you in that there should be a room for people with coughs & fevers or other cold-like symptoms... and another one for people needing treatment for something other than a cold, etc.

Nissa said...

That is always my fear, too. My last appointment -for a migraine- I had to take the kids with me. I was vigilant in them not touching any of the toys, and had them each take something of their own, but was still worried.

Next day, I, like your Maddie, woke up sick. I remembered I had picked up a magazine. Ugh, I couldn't follow my own directions.

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