Monday, September 22, 2008

One Year Down

One year ago, I was sitting in front of my computer thinking to myself. I think I'm gonna start a blog.

And I did.

I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it. But I liked it. And I still do.

I still remember the feeling I got the first time I received a comment from someone that I wasn't either friends with or related to. I still get that feeling when I realize that someone new just read what I wrote.

I like looking at my life through the eyes of my blog. How can I write about this? Is this funny to anyone but me? Will people understand? Or care?

I've come to realize that the posts that people most care about (comment on) are the ones that are me. And that's a pretty cool feeling. When I stray from my true self, I find that you guys know and retaliate by not leaving comments. Ahem. I'll try to work on that.

I know this has been a total random post with lots of random thoughts, but it's my blogiversary.

And I'll be as random as I wanna be.

Come back tomorrow for my first ever give-away!!!

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Jonny's Mommy said...

I started three years ago on Sunday.

Weird that we started around the same time.. sort of.

I love your blog. Try to keep up on it as often as I can. Not sure I see you around much on other blogs, but your writing is fun to read and interesting so I keep reading.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Happy Blogiversary!! :)

Rachel said...

Happy Blogaversary darlin'!!

I'm still about 2 months away from mine.

You speak the truth, the real posts, the ones that are all you... those are then ones that resonate.

Hugs and congratulations and darnit all I'm gonna miss the giveaway. We'll be traveling. shoot.

:-) Smooches!!!

kimmie said...

It is always the highlight of my day when I read your blogs. You have always been such a creative thinker and writer and I am very proud of you (as long as you don't write about my shortcomings (ha ha))

Keep up the awesome blog!! Love ya sis!!

Anonymous said...

happy, happy, happy blogiversary!

i actually celebrate with each month i complete! feels like an accomplishment, not sure why... but still celebrate!

noble pig said...

Happy Blogiversary! Yippee! I always enjoy coming here.

Kylie =] said...

I read your blog like everyday! Never commented it though.. not quite sure why!

but anyways i LOVE your blog! it's the only one i read. lol

happy blogaversary!


Nissa said...

Happy belated Blogiversary! Yay!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

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