Friday, January 16, 2009

One Reason Adults Shouldn't Text

I have a 13 year old niece that I adore. She recently hurt her leg and I've been texting her like crazy.

But she hasn't been texting back. I assumed that she thought she was too cool for her old aunt and refused to text back. Or that she was grounded from her phone. But that didn't stop me. Oh no. The more she ignored me, the more I texted her. "How is school?" "What time is your dr appt." "When are you coming to visit?" And so on.

Last night, I sent her one asking when she was going to write more on her blog.

This is how everything transpired.

5:54 (inbox) Hey just to let you know, you have the wrong number. Whatever. . . we've been texting tons.

5:56 (outbox) What are you talking about?

6:00 (inbox) You keep texting me and I have no idea who you are Someone must have gotten a new phone and didn't put me in her contact list.

6:05 (outbox) Silly- it's me, Chelsea. She better not be trying to play a joke on me.

6:08 (inbox) I don't know any Chelsea's. Who do you think you're texting? QUIT MESSING WITH ME! I KNOW YOU KNOW ME!!!

6:10 (outbox) You a punk with a gimp leg- that's who. Get some.

7:15 (oubox) What? No response? I'm hurt. Really.

8:00 nothing

9:00 nothing

A light bulb goes off. I was the one that got a new phone. And every time my niece sent me a new ring tone, it didn't show her name but a number. Crap. I called a stranger a "punk with a gimp leg."

10:30 (outbox) I am so sorry. I thought I was texting my niece. And then I thought she was messing with me by telling me I had the wrong number. Oops. Thanks for letting me know.

The punk hasn't texted me back to tell me that everything is ok and I'm forgiven. That's just common courtesy, isn't it?

Unless he/she is an amputee. And then they have every right to ignore me.


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Hannah said...

HAHA!!! That's hilarious. But that does sound like something I'd do. ;)

Carrin said...

Oh that is too funny! I totally did that with my sister in law! I was Be'oitching some 14 year old for about a week!

Rachel said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

I'm dyin' Chelsea. Bless your heart.

Wendi said...

Reason 1567 that I love your blog.
But next time....a little warning when you say something funny?
I think you owe me a new monitor and keyboard.
Mine is covered in Diet Mt. Dew!

Sarah said...

ha ha poor Aunt Chelsea. You'll get the # right some day!!

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