Monday, January 12, 2009

I Hope She's Not Going To Be THAT Girl

Maddie has had two boyfriends since August. She juggles them like a champ. Zach is her school boyfriend. He eats lunch with her, pushes her on the swing, and sits with her during library time.

Ethan is her other boyfriend and I think her true love. He is the weekend boyfriend. The boyfriend she sees when the parents get together to play games, watch football, hang out, etc. They've loved each other since they were 2.

A few days ago, we were on our way home from school. She was as excited as she usually is. "Guess what, Mommy?!"


"Timmy kissed me today. He walked right across the rug and kissed me. He told me he just couldn't help himself. I have 3 boyfriends now."

I laughed it off.

The next time I picked her up from school, she had the same excited look.

"Mommy- guess what! Today, Timmy kissed me during gym. Benjamin kissed me on the playground and Easton kissed me before lunch. I've got 5 boyfriends. I love them. And during naptime, I got to sleep between two of them."

When she talks about these boys, she gets dreamy eyes. She told me that her wish had come true. Apparently, she wished upon a star for more boyfriends and now they just can't stop kissing her.

I was fine with her having 2 boyfriends. But 5 is a little much.

So we have started talking about how she really doesn't need 5 boyfriends and that she probably shouldn't let them kiss her.

Before I took her to school this morning, Justin was telling her goodbye and to have a good day. I asked her what would happen if another boy tried to kiss her.

"I guess I'll have 6 boyfriends, then."

Does anyone know of a good convent that accepts 4 year olds?

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Just My Type said...

Just think of all the math she's getting. Addition now and multiplication sooner than you'd like if can't find that convent! I'm kidding. Cute story. Everyone should feel so loved and adored.

kimmie said...

What a cutie. Ten years down the road, we'll worry. Just don't let Hannah rub off on her too much!! :/

Kim said...

I think you should save this story and show it to her when she is 18..ahahahaha

cute story

supermommy said... must be the age because Curly Girl is constantly talking about her boyfriend at school.

I am not ready for this!

Rachel said...

Chelsea, I want you to print this and put it in a book and pull it out when she's 12, 14, 16, 20 ...

ha ha ha ha ha.

I had to show it to my husband and we giggled over it.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OMGosh, she's going to keep y'all on your toes. lol

Nissa said...

I want to know where the supervision is at school?! How are all these little kids kissing all the time??

She can't help it that she's a boy magnet, though. Nothing wrong with playing the field. lol

Adrienne said...

She is absolutely hilarious. You are going to have your hands full (wait, you already do, don't you?!). Definitely a story to tell her over and over someday. Jim and I both are still laughing.

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