Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Baaa-aaack

It's official.

We're out of the apartment. The apartment that we've lived in since we got married. The apartment that Maddie spent her entire four years trying her best to destroy.

And from the looks of things, she did a pretty good job of it. Justin and I even played a game named, "Name that Stain."

It was bittersweet for me, packing all of her things. And, by packing, I mean throwing away or donating the majority of it. That was the sweet part of it. The bitter part was the keeping of all the little junk, because I knew she would be devastated if she knew I got rid of her $.25 plastic ninjas that she gets every time she sees a toy vending machine.

I thought I would be sad, leaving the apartment where so many memories were made. But, to be honest, I've been too busy to even really think about it. And now that I have a minute to reflect, I am a little sad. But only about no longer having a swimming pool at my disposal.

I'm in a house, Y'all!!!

Now, who wants to help me un-pack?

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Anonymous said...

That's so great that you got moved ok.



noble pig said...

I'm so excited for you! Many happy years to come and low repair bills!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Welcome back and no, sorry, no desire to help you unpack. I'm very bad at that and you would find much of it stashed away somewhere because I didn't know where it went and didn't feel like asking...and well, you know.

Amy said...

You're gonna make so many awesome memories in your new home. CONGRATULATIONS!

Rachel said...

I would if we were closer! Honest. I'd even bring cookies! ;-)

Congratulations again darlin' I'm so happy for y'all.


That's the main thing I miss, from when we lived in the townhouse; the pool. I LOVED that pool, especially at this time of the year.
Congrats on the new house!

Sarah said...

that's soo great!!! i can't wait to come up there!!

Wendi said...

Welcome back!!!
I have missed you and your witty little self.
I will be on vacay this no good blogging until I get back...mmmkay?

MommyTime said...

The new house is GORGEOUS! And I'll bet you do just fine with the unpacking. For some reason, it's always so much easier and more fun to be setting up a new place than dismantling an old, in my opinion. Have a wonderful time!

Bren said...

So glad you got all moved in. It is bittersweet but soon you'll haver so many new memories in the new place. Good luck with that unpacking.

Peapodsquadmom said...

Ewww...unpacking. Yeah, we're still trying to get all that done. Good luck! Oh, I'm passing on a fabulous blog award in my post tomorrow. Enjoy!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Congratulations!!!!! Oh, happy times decorating and making it home.

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