Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cable Guy

I don't do well with waiting. Waiting in line. Waiting on Justin to put on his shoes. Waiting for Maddie to do what I tell her to. Waiting . . . waiting. . .

Waiting on the cable/internet/phone man to show up on Saturday.

His scheduled appointment time was 8a.m.- 12p.m. He showed up at 3.

I waited to take a shower because I didn't want to miss him. I waited to take my mountain of laundry to the laudromat, which is a completely different story. I waited all freakin' day long.

And, since I was desperate for my connection to the outside world, I was even nice to the man when he arrived. It wasn't easy.

Doorbell rings- I open the door.

"Hi there! I'm selling magazines today. Are you interested?"

"Um, no."

"In that case, I'm here to install you cable and stuff." Dude- not funny. "Where did you want the hook-ups?"

"In the office, living room and master bedroom. The wireless modem can just go in the office."

"That's not the office- it's the living room." This man with a mullet is telling me about my house design?

"No- that room in there is living room."

"Nope- that's the den."

"Whatever- just those three rooms. M'kay?"

"You know about the charges, right?"

"Yes, $140 today and the rest on Monday when the phone is hooked up."

"Nope- Somebody gave you the wrong info. I'm afraid it's gonna be right at 200 buckaroos." Great, just what I need to hear. More money.

"HAHA just jokin'. Gotcha, huh?"

"Look- it's been way too long without cable. Way, way, way, too long without internet. Why don't you cut out the comedy act and get to work, so I can take a shower, go wash my clothes, and try to pick up a shift at work so I will have enough money to actually pay you?!?!"

Okay, that last part where I lost my cool didn't really happen because I'm smart enough to know not to bite the hand that gives me internet.

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Wendi said... are up and running now...right?
Tell me there are not more service visits.
What is it with the phone and cable companies?
They always give the weirdest time frames.
Like betweeen 8am and 5pm.
What is up with that?
Surely they could give you a more specific time.

Rachel said...

NOT funny!
Ugh. He was seriously telling you what the rooms in your home were 'called'.
Ugh. You should have charged him an obnoxious redneck fee.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Man. What a pain in the butt he was.

Just do your job and shut up already.

But you are up and running and that is what counts.

Hope to see more of you now. :-)

Amy said...

I seriously think they get a kick out of making us wait. Love your response, even if it was just in your head.


That's when you start acting a little crazy and scaring the crap out of him.
Come out with a large knife and then start whacking some potatoes violently....

Nissa said...

Ugh.. I detest utility companies.. They always make you wait. I spent an hour on the phone with the water co. today.

I love when they say "We'll be there between 12 and 2" & you think, wow they're getting better with their estimation. At around 4:30 you call to find out what's going on, & then are told the serviceman is running behind & won't be able to get there till tomorrow, 'between 12 & 2'. Riiiiight.

I feel your pain- I could rant for days!
Glad you're up & running now!

Concerned said...

I'd be really, REALLY suspicious if I was quoted a higher price in person than over the phone. So much so that I'd tell the guy to come in and start, then go call the company to verify the charges. If I couldn't do that, I'd write a check to the cable company instead of him and verify it after the fact. Actually, if you haven't done so, please do because I'd really hate to think that some guy just scammed you out of some money.

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