Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hindsight Doesn't Provide High Speed

Last week, when I was getting everything switched over to our new house, I received some horrifying news from the phone company that also handles my internet.

"I'm sorry, high speed internet is not available in your area."

The phone slipped silently from my hand. I walked around in a daze for about a day. Then I called the cable company.

"We'll send out an engineer to see if we can provide this service to you. Someone will call in 3 days."

And they did-with more bad news. They can't do it either.

So, I found another provider and they are scheduled to come out on Saturday morning. That means we will have been without a computer and television since last Friday. In fact, right now I'm at my friend's house, using her internet for my blogging fix. For the second time this week.

If I don't get internet of my own- and soon- I might lose my mind. And all 10 of my readers.

You know, this is something we should have checked into before we bought this land. That and the fact that Target is 25 minutes away.

I'm perishing as I type.

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Just My Type said...

Congratulations on your new home. I've been following along...I read your blog from my reader.

I just wanted to let you know your readers are still here.

Hang in there.

Karen said...

It took years before we got high speed here. It was dial-up or nothing. Frustrating, let me tell you.

Hopefully you get good news soon!

Dana said...

My prayers are with you. I know, it sounde dramatic, but really, this is not a third world country, you should be able to have high speed internet anywhere!
When we lived in the middle of Mesa, AZ a few years ago we were told we couldn't get h/s internet either, how rude.

kimmie said...

Same issue here, ever tried internet at mom's? We have a "Sierra" card that plugs into a usb port from AT&T Cingular wireless. Here's the kicker, $60 per month, plus the cost of the contraption (depending on specials, from $50-$100). It works like a cell phone hooked up to your computer. Kinda crazy, but it is the only solution to living in the boondocks! Gotta love it, I wouldn't have it any other way!! Love ya sis!!

noble pig said...

I think you have to go satellite then...on my land that's what we will have to do...just beam to the sky!

alex said...

you're so dramatic. you're old enough to know what its like to live without the internet. haha. i love you!!!


Sell that house, and QUICK!

Jonny's Mommy said...

We live in the middle of nowhere and can still get high speed internet. We don't have it, because we can't afford it. But we have it, if we ever can afford it.

I hope you get plugged in soon.

Until then, breathe deep and eat lots of chocolate.

Sarah said...

Oh my word....I do not know what I would do. I told my husband that I am a simple girl, content with simple pleasures. But if you take my high speed and my coffee shop away, things may get ugly.

Good luck, and try to focus on the good. Beautiful scenery perhaps??? :-)

Amy said...

Girl, I don't know how you are gonna cope with that. How far is Starbucks?

Patricia said...

Dial-up is downright nasty after using high speed internet so I hope someone can link you up. I love the house! All that space in exchange for not having a handy pool? I'll take it....besides, kiddie pools are a dime a dozen!

Wendi said...

Oh no!
Thanks for the tip.
I am making a note:
No new house without high speed internet connection.
So sorry friend.
I hope they get this cleared up for you soon.
And a Target is erected in your honor.
( I live 30 mins. away from Targer too... we can start a support group...you in?)

Ree said...

Oh Noes!!!

We're here honey. Get settled in - we'll still be here. And even if you have to dial up, high speed will eventually make its way to you.

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