Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The day draws closer and closer. The day that we leave apartment living forever and move into our first house. We are hoping to be in the house at the end of July.

We've decided that our old, broken-down, second-hand apartment stuff won't be good enough for the new place. And, in all honesty, it won't.

We are keeping our couch and loveseat, and adding slip covers until we can afford all new. We are keeping our bed and two beds that I found at an estate sale. That's about it.

Justin and I made a list of necessities. Things that we would need starting on the day we move in. Then, we ranked them.

Obviously, our first two big items, we agreed on immediately. Refridgerator and washer/dryer set.

But, after that, it got tricky. For some reason, Justin thought we would need an entertainment center before a dining room table and chairs. In fact, he ranked the table and chairs 7 out of 7.

Interesting, isn't it? Particularly since we had the conversation a week prior about how we needed to start eating every meal at the table and not in front of the television. Especially in the brand new house that doesn't have any stains or spills in it. Yet.

Yes, this is the house that Tractorhead built. It sits on almost 2 acres, so we will definitely be adding a lawn mower to the list of necessities. But, we are hoping to wait until next summer to buy one. We are taking volunteers to help out with the yard work, so feel free to do so in the comment section.

Justin is meeting with the banker tomorrow to find out exactly how much more we can do.

Right now, I'm hoping for bricks. Maybe some walls- yeah, walls would be nice.

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noble pig said...

Walls are totally overrated!

I'll mow your two acres if you pull tree stumps out of my 88 acres!

Kristine said...

I'll send you my husband who is OCD about lawns & paint. But in trade you would have to take him in & buy him bbq 3 times a day, he has a running list of place he wants to try , fair trade?

JennieD said...

Your house is beautiful! I bet you guys are getting super anxious. When we bought our house, it was in the middle of being built, we had to buy all new furniture and house appliances too. Most of it came with our house loan. Can ya'll do that? The stuff we did not have included, we bought at Conn's. We paid it off very quickly, so we would not have any interest. Just an idea.....

MommyTime said...

Beautiful house! As a former owner of a home on an acre, I can tell you that a good lawnmover is a serious necessity -- and that it took me nearly three hours to mow that ONE acre with a push mower, even one self-propelled. If I had two acres to mow myself, I would never get it done without a riding lawnmower.

That said, lawnmowers tend to go on sale at the end of the summer, so you might be better off buying one this fall than next summer. Also, lots of places like Home Depot, etc., give six months or a year "same as cash" if you get their credit card, so you can pay the thing off in six monthly installments rather than all at once, making it much easier to afford. I know you didn't ask for advice, but after several (costly) mistakes in the lawn mower line, I can't bear for anyone else to make the same.

Also -- I agree, walls are a bigger priority. :) Congratulations on the upcoming home!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Wow. Congrats. That is going to be awesome for your family! My husband is OCD about the lawn too. And fixing up the house, even though he doesn't ever get time to do it.

Suburban Turmoil said...

I am really, REALLY excited for you! That is one awesome-looking house. And two acres?! *Swoon*

Wendi said...

An entertainment set before a dining room table and chairs?
He probably thinks a flat screen ranks higher than an oven too.
I vote for walls...they seem pretty important.
Love your new home and envious of the two acres.

Karen said...

What a beautiful home!

We did the "our old crap is too nice for the new house" too. Thankfully my husbands' boss came through and donated his old furniture to us. He was building at the same time and his wife felt the same way. Only when a doctor has cast-offs it's better than anything we'll ever buy.

Kimmylyn said...

Your new home is stunning and on two acres.. that rocks!!!

I find it interesting that he rates a table and chairs 7 out of 7.. too funny.

And as others have mentioned, wait until the end of the season to get a good deal on the mower.. you will need it. :)

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

How exciting! I'm with your husband though... entertainment center is definitely a plus! Ok, I'll admit it. We used to eat in front of the TV until we moved back to Iowa. Now we're all about eating together at the table. It's really nice. Curious what the other items are that ranked above the table/chairs though!

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