Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gram's Girl

Friday evening I will cease to exist in Maddie's mind. Until Monday, that is.

We are headed to my parent's home for the weekend. Maddie has already informed me that she will be "Gram's girl" all weekend long.

Since Maddie has declared herself Gram's girl, I've decided to hand over some of our, shall we say- issues to my mom for the weekend.

Eating- We are in a big time rut with Maddie's eating. She eats pb&j in a bowl (obviously), cheese cubes, bananas, strawberries, pop tarts, and pancakes. Have fun with this one, mom.

Knowledge- Apparently, we are wasting our time and money sending her to school. When we try to tell her something, her response is "I know that already." Since my mom has experience with raising 4 know-it-alls, that will now admit that they don't know jack, I figure she's the perfect person to do the job.

Family planning- Yes, Maddie wants a sibling. No, we aren't ready and aren't really sure if we ever want to be a family of more than three and a dog. You can take care of that one, right Mom?

Optic rolling- For some reason, when we ask/tell Maddie to do something that she doens't want to do, her eyes roll to the back of her head and is followed with a big huff. Stomping of the feet occurs almost immediately. I seem to remember my younger sister having this problem. . . It must run in the family. I guess I was one of the lucky ones and this medical mystery skipped me.

Let me know how this goes for you, Mom. I'll be the one being ignored by her daughter, in favor of her Gram, Pop, aunts, uncles, 6 cousins, and a shih-tzu named Lily.

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Wendi said...

Your Maddie is a piece of work!
I say let her be just that:
"Gram's girl"!
Hand your mom the list and RUN!
Take a couple of great books.
Take a couple of great naps.
Write a couple of posts.
Your Mom will enjoy Maddie too!

noble pig said...

Yahoo, it sounds like a great weekend for you! Live it up.

jenipooh92802 said...

While mom has Maddie you can take over my two and see if they do any better with you than me!! I am having attitude issues with my 2. Hey mom, why don't you just take my two also and see what you can do! Let's call this Gram's bootcamp. Sounds like a good idea to me!

kimmie said...

I can't wait to see what Gram's comment will be. As for me, one of the 3 aunts, I say we sit around and drink Mojito's and see if Gram gets the job done. Because I have a teenager and a preteen that have become pros at the eye rolling, picky eating, knowledge of everything, etc., and they are going to your house next week, and they know more tricks!! They can teach her about boys!!! and cell phones!! and how to utterly frustrate a mom!! Have fun!!

BookMomma said...

And YOU?
Are you getting to do something fun while Maddie is otherwise entertained?? Hope so!

Good Luck Gram!

Karen said...

I love handing the kids (and all their issues) over to grandparents for a while. Except when grandparents take up the kids' side!

Sarah said...

Maddie, Tori, Mallory, and me had so much fun together tonight and I do notice Maddie rolling her eyes a lot!! I can't wait to come stay with u this weekend

Anonymous said...

Now it is my turn to respond, --as I sit and smile! Do you realize how fast the years will fly the older you become? I am so proud of each of you and the children you are raising. You are doing a wonderful job!
As for "Gram's girl" and your list let's look at them one at a time--eating: how many four year olds eat raw carrots? She eats plenty of fruits--blueberries, bananas, apples, mandarin oranges, strawberries; and drinks milk (the perfect food), and can inhale fudge sicles with the best of them! Her grains consist of crackers, fortified 'Barbie' waffles, and biscuits; her meats salmon and chicken. She is four years old and wears a size five. Sounds normal to me. She is taller than one of her cousins of the same age, and the same weight--nothing wrong with that. She did promise she would try a cherry when she gets married. Quit worrying!
Knowledge--she did beat you in four games of candyland without reprieve. I think she is pretty smart!
Eye rolling--she is just mimicing what she has observed, and I don't think she is watching Justin's eyes.
Gram's girl--always! Nothing to fix about that!
My feeling were hurt when someone said "boot camp". Not at this grandmother's home! Love to all, Gram

Jonny's Mommy said...

I do hope you tell us how this all turns out....and how your mom handled her girl.

Bren said...

Maddie sounds a lot like my Lily. Gram should have a blast!

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