Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too Much

Dear Sir:

When I saw you at the water park earlier today, I recognised you. I've seen you at this particular park several times. And, it's not so much your face that I recognise, but your attire.

Speedos, to be exact.

My nieces giggled and rolled their eyes when they saw you. My daughter and her friend wondered why you were wearing your underwear.

I tried to ignore you, but you were everywhere I went. When I was waiting for Maddie to go down the slide, you walked beside me and did a little jig to get the water out of your ears. I politely turned my head. You know, just in case slippage happened.

I knew that I had to write you this letter, to let you know that in the case of men's swimwear, more is better. Especially when an inner tube was in your way, and instead of walking around it, you hurdled it.

It really was too much.


Every female (and probably male) at Wave Country Water Park

p.s. Buy some freakin' swim trunks!!!!

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Wendi said...

Thank you for writing this letter.
I have been meaning to do the same thing.
Apparently he does not own a full length mirror.
If he did, he would have made a different choice in swimwear.

Karen said...

Ewwwww, I can see it all a little too graphically. You tell him!

lattemommy said...

EEEEEK! (hiding my eyes!)

noble pig said...

I hate those package-poppin' speedos...nobody wants to see it!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh. it's about time someone let this dude know that NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT, THANK YOU!


These guys are everywhere, aren't they?

kristine said...

In my 4 yr old swim class there was a lil boy wearing spedos w/ a rash gaurd swim top.Two of the lil girls (inc. my daughter) had bikini's w/ gaurd tops over their tops. So my daughter felt she needed to ask him "Why are you wearing a surfer girl bikini?" There is never a right age for a sped 4yrs or 40 yrs. We all know it's wrong. Though the local swim & polo team practice @ the same pool, high school boy's-college . My daughter is okay w/ them in speedos. She say's they are "sporty -muscle boys".

Amy said...

Too funny! It's amazing what you see at the waterparks! My kids are amazed at all the tattoos.

Speedos are a big part of my life right now. With swim team every week, there are quite a few boys that have chosen that option. And I really want to slap their moms for buying them.

Anonymous said...

That always grosses me out. {shiver}

Anonymous said...

That letter is hilarious....and very well written, thank you for looking out for all of us who visit the water park!!! :)

Irene said...

Nice...very nice...

What I want to know is what female actually likes this look? There has to be at least one, unless all these Speedo wearing dudes live alone and have no female input whatsoever.

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