Monday, June 23, 2008

Urgent Apparently Has Different Meanings For Different People

In the waiting room of my family doctor's office, there is a sign that says, " We understand that your time is important to you. If you have waited 30 minutes, please alert the front desk."

That office is closed on Sundays.

The sign at the Urgent Care Center doesn't. It reads, "Patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis."

Great. I signed myself in. The receptionist said, "We are on a 1 1/2 to 2 hour wait, right now."

I had no choice. My kidneys were hurting like crazy.

I waited and waited. Justin and Maddie were able to go eat lunch, get a hair cut, and do the grocery shopping in the time I spent in the office.

All I could think of was the way 2 weeks ago, I thought I had a bladder infection. Since it's summer, I just don't have time to be sick, so I drank lots of cranberry juice.

It seemed to go away, but would resurface a few days later. Again- cranberry juice and an OTC medicine.

Now, I have a kidney infection. All because I thought I didn't have time to go to my "you'll never wait more than 30 minutes" doctor.

To top off my 3 hour wait, I had to get a shot. By a really big, burly man nurse. In the butt.

And, after 3 hours, I didn't even care. Until he told me that I had to wait another 15 minutes before I could leave.

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Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

LOL. Did the burly man-nurse have any cool tattoos on his head that he let you take pictures of?

I hate urgent care but I'm with you on the put-it-off-if-at-all-possible tactic. I swear that when I go, it ends up being nothing anyhow.

Kari Wright said...

I hate spending money for a dr. visit and get told something like...drink more water, take some ibuprofen, call if it gets worse. So, why not wait to be REALLY sick, then go and let the dr. do medicine!!!

Sarah said...

me and hannah came 2 weeks ago. Well at least u weren't like those people on I am Legend. (hope u aren't that sick!!!) i watched that movie for the firsttime 2day. it was sad and scary!!!

The Engert Family said...
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DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh man, I'm bad about ignoring signs of bladder infections or sucking down OTC meds.
So sorry you had to deal with that long wait in that kind of pain!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I've had so many UTI's it's not even funny. One time I waited and waited and suddenly I forgot where I lived while driving home from work. To the ER I went and was there for 8 hours while they stuck me with needles and made me pee in a cup and even hooked me up to an IV. And then they told me that really all I had to do was the pee in the cup thing because I had a UTI, it was really bad and it was messin' with my brain.

The eight hour weight was really worth it. Or not.

I didn't even get a burly man to jab me with anything (har, har). But had that cop I saw today on the street been there..he could have jabbed me all he wanted. With a needle...people, please!

Wendi said...

Glad to know that even when you have a kidney infection, you keep your incredible sense of humor.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow. I had no idea. Glad you're feeling better now.

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