Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How To Tell Your Child Watches Too Much Television

Saturday night found us shopping in tourist hell- otherwise known as Opry Mills. We go almost every time my mom or other family members come to visit. We walk around for a couple of hours and very rarely buy anything.

I was on a mission, though. It was the day before Father's Day, and since Justin broke the tradition of no gifts on Mother's Day, I needed to find him something. Anything- at this point.

After looking through several stores and not finding anything, Maddie, my nieces, and I walked past Bed, Bath and Beyond. And there in the window, I saw it.

"Look Mommy!! It's just what Daddy needs."

My eyes were glued to the back massager with infrared heat capabilities. "I see it. Don't you think Daddy will like that?"

"Yes. The Aqua Globe. You just fill it with water, stick it in the soil, and it waters your plants for up to two weeks!"

Her eyes had that crazy infomercial glaze to them. She wanted-no, needed- those Aqua Globes.

"I promise they work. The 'mercial on tv said that they work."

We didn't get the Aqua Globes. She decided that Daddy would like the back massager better.

And as I was lying on the floor, letting her try out Justin's gift on my back, I was sure we had made the right decision.

Until she got distracted by a commercial on television and dropped the stupid thing that weighs a ton on my ear. Then, I wished we had gotten him something else.

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noble pig said...

My kids will tell you that Aqua Globe will water plants for 2 weeks!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I'd get the back massager too. Hubby got me one and sometimes I want him to rub it on my back, but he keeps saying "But that's why I got the one with the long handle. Use it yourself."

Yeah, but sometimes my arm gets tired...ya' know?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Did I mention I had to put you in my google reader so I didn't miss your funny posts? I was so stressed that I'd miss one and I finally said -- geez, why don't I just put her in my google reader?

So I did.

Kimmylyn said...

My child knows the Aqua Globe, the Pancake Puffer (which I bought because he begged me too..)

Too funny!!

Amy said...

That is so funny because EVERY TIME we walk into BB&B Emma tells me we have to get "this thing" and starts listing all the reasons why. And I can't even remember seeing these things on TV!

Wendi said...

I have no idea what an Aqua Globe is or what it looks like.
You now know the extent of my tv watching.
I will bet my kids know exactly what it is.
Sorry about the back massager accident.
Hope your ear heals.

Sarah O. said...

infomercial eyes! I love it!

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