Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Pink Panther

I'm now officially a softball mom. To a precious member of the Coopertown Pink Panthers.

Practice has started in full force. Justin takes her on Tuesday nights while I'm at work and we both go to the Sunday practice.

Every time I ask how the Tuesday night practice went, I get the same response from both of them. "Great." Thanks, guys. A little information might help me feel less guilty about missing the practice.

Justin told me that at last week's practice a mom pointed to Maddie and asked if that was his daughter. When he said yes, she said, "I thought so. She looks just like you."

On Sunday's practice, I noticed that Maddie is by far the smallest on the team. She is one of the youngest on the team. It is a 5-6 year old team, but there are a couple of 7 year olds on it. Justin calls them the "beasts" because they are so much bigger than Maddie.

During their first practice game, I watched Maddie play. In the dirt, that is. The coach marked her spot to stand and then she marked it by writing her name. When the ball was hit, she ran around in a circle. Not really looking for the ball, just running in circles. And if she happened to find the ball, she would pick it up and not know what to do with it.

She may look like her daddy, but she plays ball like me.

And she's okay with that. And so are we.

Because she is having the time of her life.

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Jenica said...

That is too funny! I can't wait to see what Victoria does!

Thistledew Farm said...

Enjoy being a Pink Panther Mom - don't hurt anyone with your cheering!

Rachel said...

YAY!! She's going to have a blast and all that matters is that she has fun!
We're having a blast with kickball and it makes me look forward to years more fun in sports!!

Sheena said...

I cannot wait for Jaylin to start playing ball! I mean I can wait for her to grow.. but I can't wait for her to play ball. :) This stuff just goes way too fast!

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