Monday, March 16, 2009

The New And Improved Tract

It was Thanksgiving and we were all sitting around listening to Justin's mother. Well, I was pretending to sleep on the couch because if you are sleeping, you aren't expected to respond.

She was talking about this man that went to school with Justin. Apparently, he went to her restaurant with his 5 children and let them run wild. Her restaurant is a small place, and 5 small child running around quickly creates havoc.

"I let him know that I didn't appreciate it. Not one bit. And he was in there all high and mighty...blah blah blah...and when he left, I went to the table to clean up the mess those little heathens made and you wouldn't believe what that man had left."

She paused to make sure she had everyone's attention.

"A TRACT! He had the nerve to leave me a tract."

At that point, I couldn't pretend to sleep anymore. I made eye contact with Justin and we both burst into laughter. Justin's brother and his wife were laughing so hard they were crying.

We were laughing so hard because the one thing you don't do to my mother in law is question her faith. I promise you that if you do, you will be on her bad side for at least 20 years. That poor man had no idea.

She still tells that story every chance she gets. And we still laugh at her outrage.

Saturday night, I walked over to my table that had just left. And they had left me a tract. Of a different kind.

I'll admit I was in disbelief.

Just who do they think they are? Don't they know I work out 5 or 6 days of the week?

And then I started questioning myself.

Do I need this? Is this how everyone sees me? Should I go to the gym twice a day, now?

And then I just had to laugh.

Because it takes some kind of nerve to leave a tract. Of any kind.

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kimmie said...

Maybe they were leaving it for your mother-in-law to make up for the other one. I was in the gift shop @ St. Jude today and heard a little boy tell his mom that she needed to go work out. It was too funny. She didn't think so though.

Terri said...

You totally do not need that - that's just some people grasping at straws with their marketing - the boors!

Karen said...

They're just promoting their business. But it's good to know the reaction. I've been told to leave my business card for the store at restarants but I don't. It just feels like I'm being pushy. See? I'm totally justified.

Amy said...

Too funny...check out my blog today for an award!

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