Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Even A Taste

When Maddie was a baby, she would eat anything. Almost anything we put in front of her, she devoured it. Now- not so much.

Now, the only "vegetables" if you can call them that, that she lets pass through her mouth are mashed potatoes. But not just any mashed potatoes. They have to be Daddy's mashed potatoes.

And they are instant. I'll wait while you stop shuddering.

She fell in love with them the first time he fixed them for her. And turned her nose up at mine. And her granny's.

She then proceeded to explain that she doesn't like "old lady mashed potatoes." Meaning that if an old lady prepares them, she won't eat it.

And let me tell you- it does so much for my ego to be called an old lady. insert heavy sarcasm.

I had almost given up until I came across an idea that worked with 3 small boys. I just tweaked it a little to suit our family a little better.

I printed out the cards. For every time she tries something new, and actually eats the entire bite/serving without making herself gag/vomit at the dinner table, she gets a sticker. When the card is filled, she gets a special treat. We were going to let her choose her favorite restaurant when the card gets filled, but she pretty much does that anyway since our choices are so limited to what she will actually eat.

When I explained the Tasty Tasty club deal, she loved the idea. Until it came time to try something new.

We were sitting in Cracker Barrel- if you aren't familiar with Cracker Barrel, I'm truly sorry. You are missing out- and I offered her some of my mashed potatoes, so she could get her first sticker.

"Um- I'll need two stickers to try that."

And then when she explained the whole thing to Justin, she tricked him into joining in. If she eats something new, he has to try it too. And then he can get a sticker.

Yesterday, she asked me to fix my mashed potatoes and spinach, so she could get two stickers.

She put the spinach on her fork and ever so slowly brought the fork to her mouth, but did not even open her mouth and put the fork back on her plate.

She filled her spoon with mashed potatoes. Very slowly, she brought the mashed potatoes to her mouth, touched it with her tongue, and claimed that she didn't want the stickers that badly.

It's freakin' mashed potatoes! What kid doesn't like mashed potatoes?

After 5 days, Maddie has one sticker. For eating half of a roll.

Justin still has no stickers on his Tasty Tasty Club card.

Which proves that his prayers worked. Because he only has to try something new if Maddie does.

And she didn't try the spinach.

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kimmie said...

Oh dear...I love the sticker idea...wish I knew about this when my girls were younger. My girls have to eat their peas in Ranch dressing...what's up with that?Keep trying, something will work out, and keep the Flinstones vitamins in her!!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. When my little one started preschool I thought for sure she would try new things since the other kids are eating the same thing. Nope the only new thing she will eat are graham crackers. Not even a cheese or pb&j sandwich.

AElizabeth said...

I'm storing up all this helpful parenting information for the future. :-)

Jenica said...

I love this idea but I really don't think my kids are too picky. I guess I can make my mashed potatoes perfect ha ha! Try putting cheese and garlic in it, its yummy!!

Tricia said...

This is HILARIOUS!! I don't consider my boys to be "picky" eaters, they just won't eat it if they don't know who prepared it. Like at family reunions, church dinners,etc.. & they get that from me!! Maybe the sticker trick will work for ya!!:)

Karen said...

LOL! Let me know if the sticker thing works out. I would like to try it on Jacey and my husband. He seems to think the only vegetable out there is mac n cheese....Jacey is only interested in Burger with cheese!!

Amy said...

Umm, I'll never try the spinach either. BTW, we live by the instant potatoes here. Seriously mix in some sour cream and it's all good!

Amy said...

My son will only eat "hot potatoes" aka mashed potatoes at my mom's house...and he'll tell you that he only likes NaNa's mashed potatoes. We've gotten him to branch out on the veggies (he was much like yours in that he ate everything as a baby) by letting him dip it in ketchup. Not the best, but he does eat a lot more now.

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