Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miniatures and Treasures

I've told you how much Maddie adores Bella Sara in a previous review. And her passion for everything horse related hasn't diminished in the least.

Excuse me. . . "Maddie, hold on. I'll tell you when."

Her love only increased when we received the Bella Sara Miniatures. It is a brand new product line that features 20 tiny horses to play with or collect. Each velety horse comes with its own stand, a bonus code redeemable online, and a checklist. And for only $1.99, it's perfect for small rewards.

I'm sorry. . . "Maddie- I'm doing something important. A review for my blog. If you want to keep getting stuff to play with, I need to get this done. I'll call you when I'm done."

The other new series Bella Sara has added is the "Treasures" series. With Treasures your horse lover gets more printable activities, bonus codes, coloring pages, wallpapers, a poster and jigsaw puzzles. Every treasure pack comes with 5 cards, a mini-game, Bella Sara tattoos, and stickers. As a bonus, the tattoos wash off in less than one day, and for me- that's a huge bonus. Until April 30th, Bella Sara is offering the chance to win a Treasure Hunt Party of their very own. The Treasures pack retails for $2.99 a pack, which is still a great deal.

Aaargggghhh. . ."Maddie- seriously. Let me do this. Two more minutes."

Bottom line- check it out. And in the words of Maddie- "Bella Sara is awesome- especially the little ones."

"Okay- Maddie. I'm done."

Note to self: Never tell Maddie that she can play on Bella Sara after I'm done on the computer.

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