Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Worst Wake Up Call Ever

I have the same routine every single morning. Rarely does it change.

I hit the "on" button on my coffee pot. I stumble to the bathroom, do my business, put in my contacts, start mine and Maddie's breakfast, drink the first cup of coffee, then walk Grendal.

This morning the dog was a little more anxious to go outside. I started the coffee, and begged him to let me drink some of it. He begged louder and I gave in.

I took him out and followed him around the yard- seriously wanting my Folger's Select. He took his sweet time, and when he was finally done started running to the door.

I followed him, and what happened next occured so quickly I'm not sure of the exact chain of events. I took a step and the next thing I know, I ate some concrete.

All I know is I look like someone did a serious number on me. I went to Wal-Mart and I could almost hear the strangers' thoughts. Wow. She should just leave him. And her poor little girl- I bet she saw the whole thing. Should I ask her if she is okay? All of these thoughts were accompanied with a look and then a quick glance away.

Here is what I've been sporting today. Be forewarned- it's not pretty. And feels like it looks.

Note to self: NEVER give in to dog's whining before at least one cup of coffee.

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Karen said...

Oooh, ouch! I'm so sorry. That looks downright nasty.

Rachel said...

owie owie owie!!!

Poor Chelsea! I'm sorry darlin'.

Kimmylyn said...

Oh Chelsea.. I am sooo sorry.. man that looks like it hurts.. man.

kimmie said...


DysFUNctional Mom said...

OUCH! I hope it heals quickly and nobody reports your hubby to the authorities. lol

Ree said...

Ask Santa for a travel mug. ;-)

Kidding. Ouch. That does look painful.

Sarah said...

poor Aunt Chealsea

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