Friday, December 12, 2008

Reindeer On The Floor

I read about the Elf On The Shelf not long ago. I loved the concept of it and told Maddie a little about it. She wanted her very own Elf on the Shelf.

I tried to just find a little generic elf statue to no avail. And I didn't want to shell out the $30 for the whole kit, so when I got a stuffed reindeer for a Christmas present, I decided to forget about the elf on the shelf and go with the reindeer on the floor. You know, because all of the elves were already at other kids' houses.

And he is so cute, you just can't help but love him.

I told Maddie that our reindeer would move around throughout the day, and report back to Santa in the night. She loved the idea that he would magically appear in different places, without anyone actually seeing him move.

He started out in the office. Then he was on the stairs. Then he was in Maddie's bedroom to watch her sleep.

Then Maddie freaked out and was scared to death by his magic.

And I had to talk to the reindeer and explain that he wasn't allowed to use his magic anymore. Especially in her bedroom.

I don't understand how it could have started out so wonderfully, and ended so tragically. I mean, who is really scared of an innocent little stuffed doll that moves around by itself. Infused with magic. . .

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Okay- I guess I would be a little creeped out, too.

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Kimmylyn said...

That picture of Chuckie frightened

Carrin said...

Oh, how funny! I totally straightened up in my chair at the sight of Chucky!

Sarah said...

Aunt Chealsea and other blog reader I have a new blog at I really want somebody reading my blog besides my sis and bestie ;)

noble pig said...

Okay that is hysterical.

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