Monday, December 22, 2008

Letter From Santa

Dear Maddie,

You've been a good little girl.

But I have some bad news. You aren't getting the GeMagic set you asked for.

I thought about lying to you and telling you that you simply weren't old enough for this particular jewel making machine. I thought about telling you that the elves just didn't know how to make it and due to budget cuts, I couldn't afford to train them.

But I knew in my heart that you wouldn't believe the lies.

The truth is- your parents don't want it in their house. They know how obsessive you become when it comes to making everything "pretty". They envisioned getting dressed for work and finding gems stapled onto their clothes. They imagined what their couch and recliner would look like after you got done GeMagic-ing the house.

And as often as you asked me for the Magic Gems, your parents asked me to not bring it.

I'm not the type to disappoint a child, so I you a sticker sheet of gems. Gems that are easily removed when done. Gems that can be thrown away when you aren't looking. Gems that cost $1.99.

Enjoy. And you're welcome.



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Carrin said...

I was laughing the whole time! I need to write a similar letter for my kids.

Gram said...

But Gram promises to get it for you for your birthday.


Tracey said...

Maddie, just like Santa, your aunt couldn't buy it for you, either. I could smell "pay back" when I saw it on TV. I hope you like your CandyLand Bingo and barbie set:-)

Aunt Tracey

Amy said...

So funny! And so true, I could write that letter about a billion of their requests!

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