Thursday, December 4, 2008

Magical Lies

"Mommy- look in that door. You've just got to see it!" Maddie said with excitement.

"Which one?" Please tell me she is not talking about the door that she never ever looks in that is hiding her Christmas presents.

"That one. The scary one."

Crap. "What's in there?" What did you see? Please don't let it be the princess kitchen set. . .

"I think it's a new kitchen."

Double crap. "How in the world did it get in there?" Maybe I can tell her that Santa's sleigh was too full and he made an early delivery. Nah- she'd never fall for that lie. Oh wait, she already believes that the big guy delivers presents to every child on Earth in one night. She'll fall for it.

But should I keep the lie going? Is this the moment? The moment she finds out we've been lying to her? The moment she realizes that reindeer don't really fly and no matter how hard they try, very few men can actually fit down a chimney?

"I wished upon a star, Mommy. And the kitchen magically appeared!"

Whew! She can keep believing in Santa. And every star that she wishes on. And the tooth fairy. And the Easter Bunny. And every other fanciful creature that magically brings her stuff.

And I'll keep telling the lies until she stops believing them.

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Kimmylyn said...

Her answer made my eyes fill up.. to have such faith in wishing upon a star.. so sweet.

Rachel said...

awwww, that's so sweet! Such a little cutie pie.

Amy said...

But what is Santa bringing now??

Sarah said...

aww!! I stopped believing in him last year when i found a receipt in the island for my DS from two years ago. What are you getting her now for Christmas?

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