Monday, December 1, 2008

The Not So Great Debate

Last year, when we were in the mountains with Justin's family, I noticed his brother getting up and going to the bathroom, staying a few seconds, and coming right out. But he only did it right after Justin left said bathroom.

What in the world could he be doing?

Nothing was said about it, and I pretty much forgot about it. Until later that night. . .


It hit me. That's what he was doing. He was checking to make sure Justin put the seat down, so my sister in law wouldn't fall in.

And so began the annual debate on seat up or seat down.

Surprisingly, I take Justin's side. I don't care if he leaves the seat up. I'm an adult, I know to look before I sit. I suppose if I were blind, I would take issue with having to grope around to find the seat, but I'm not.

When I spoke up and agreed with him, I felt every pair of female eyes glaring at me. "Um, it really doesn't bother me. I don't lift the seat every time I'm done, why should he have to lower it every time he is done?" Yeah- not quite the right thing to say.

"Well, I guess you've never fallen in the pot at 3 in the morning, have you?"

"Of course, I have. I was mad, too. But at myself, for not looking- not at him."

There are things worth nagging about. I just don't think it's that big of a deal.

Splattering, however, is definitely worth nagging about. And, I'll nag until he automatically wipes the rim, and chases after his brother to make sure he didn't leave any evidence.

What do you think? Seat up or seat down, or does it matter to you?

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noble pig said...

Well my issue is with the toilet being open in general. It should be closed with the lid at all times. I feel it's a hole we poop in, at no time should it be open unless we are doing our business, that's just me.

Terri said...

We have dogs that think the toilet is a magic fountain, so I have to say that I'm in favor of seat AND lid down! :) However, splatter is a BIG no-no!!!

Kimmylyn said...

Like you it does not matter to me at all.. Now dishes in a sink when the dishwasher is right next to it.. that is an

Carrin said...

I'm with you on this one! Look before you pee!

supermommy said...

The toilet HAS to be closed for me. I think it's the nastiest thing around the house.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think they should put it down, but it's not a huge issue for me. Look before you plop! heh

Sheri and George said...

I feel if he has to put it down for me then I should have to put it up for him

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty laid back about that too. can't believe your bil would go in and put it down everytime for your sil... that's would never happen at my place!

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