Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wild Hair Day- Every Day

On the way to church on Sunday:

Me: I think I'm gonna get a haircut soon. It's getting pretty wild and out of control.

Maddie: Actually, Mommy- your hair has always been wild.

I couldn't argue with her. There is no controlling my hair.

Or my daughter's smart comments.

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Wendi said...

See... what did I say in my post about you?

She writes short, concise little posts that leave you wanting more!
She is hilarious!

I was right. This post is no exception!

noble pig said...

Oh the comments only get more honest with every year they age. Get your thick skin ready!

Rachel said...

Thicken that skin up honey, it only gets better ;-)

That kid is too darlin' for words.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love their innocent observations. No?

kimmie said...

Well, she does get it honestly. She is just like her mama. Love ya sis!!

Bren said...

Cute! My hair has always been the same way.

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