Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nine Days

Guess what today is. Go on. Do it.

Nope, not my anniversary. Not anyone's birthday- that I know of, but I'm terrible with remembering them, so who knows. . .

It's 9 days before we must be out of our apartment. And by "out" I mean everything gone. Everything cleaned. Everything at our new house.

Oh wait- did I forget to mention that our house isn't exactly finished yet? Well, it's not.

But, we're hoping for a final inspection on Friday.

After that, we must wait ten days before we close because of some stupid rule that I don't even understand.

So, on the 31st, we are headed to my friend's house and staying there until it is okay for us to move in.

In the meantime, my blogging is going to come to a slight standstill. Maddie is staying at my mom's this week, and I've got a ton of work to get done.

I'll be back when I can. Please don't forget about me. I'll miss you!

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

I won't forget about you, and I'll miss you too! Hurry back and good luck with the move.

Rachel said...

Hey darlin'!
Definitely won't forget about you! How could we.
I'll be praying for y'all and can't wait to see and hear all about the house!

noble pig said...

Good luck to you.

Jonny's Mommy said...

See you when you get back and good luck!

Just My Type said...

I'll be here when you get back, even if it takes a month or two....

Happy movin'!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the packing and moving. We had a similar situation last year. Not fun. All the best.

Wendi said...

Nine days?
Good luck with the move and hurry back... I will miss you and your funny self!

Kimmylyn said...

CANNOT FORGET ABOUT YOU!!!! Good luck and I hope the move goes smoothly!

Sarah said...

Oh you poor thing! I will think of you this week.....we just moved (twice in two months) and I do not want to do it again for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time!

Good luck....it is nice your daughter can be in calm place during the whole time.

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