Tuesday, September 25, 2007


What makes a sister? I have 3 sisters, with me being the younger middle child. I remember my oldest sister getting ready for her senior prom when I was in 4th grade and all I wanted was to be her for one night. Fun summer nights when my other middle sister had a car and would let me tag along, music blaring. Then there's my youngest sister. When she is around, someone is bound to be laughing- either with her or at something she's done. Sisters.

We all have our special bonds with each other. We fight, argue, laugh, and hug. But life happens, and that fine. That's how it is supposed to be. We have our own lives now. I have 5 neices and 1 nephew, 3 brother in laws. How could we not get caught up in ourselves? One thing is for certain: if I needed one of them, nothing could stop them from helping me. Sisters.

But now that I live 3 hours from all of them, it's easier for me to call a friend if I need something. Whether it is a babysitter, cup of sugar, a laugh, or a shoulder to cry on. And she helps me with whatever she can and I would do the same for her. Sisters.

When I take Maddie to the park, and there is a child needing help at the monkey bars, do I help her or let her swing? Of course I help her. Soon after, her mother and I strike up a conversation. The bond was there. I helped her child. And now I have another sister. Would I know her name if I saw her at the grocery, probably not. But I bet I remember her daughter's name. And she would remember that I helped her daughter. And we would acknowledge each other and go on with our lives. Sisters.

Who knew it took becoming a mom to get so many more sisters? They are everywhere if you only open yourself enough to find them.

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