Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Call of the Shrimp

They walk in with a swagger. Sizing up their competition, chuckling to themselves, each thinks,"I've got this. I WILL beat my record and anyone else that stands in my way." He looks at her, she looks at him. Another couple are doing the same about 5 feet away. Who will win? The race is on.

No one dares to talk. It would take too much effort. Sweat breaks out on their foreheads. "I need water" are the only words we can understand. Counting "50, 60, 70, can I do it?! 100!!!" When it is over, the survivors have a mix of emotions on their faces. Jubilation, agony, pride, satisfaction. "Wanna do it again next week? I'm sure we can do better than this." And they will. No one can resist the challenge.

Marathon? You may be thinking? Oh no-
It's all you can eat shrimp, y'all!!

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1 comment:

Suburban Turmoil said...

You're not serious about the 100, are you? Do people really eat 100 SHRIMP?! For Realz?

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