Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Day of Guilt

The week before Maddie's school started, we had a parent/teacher meeting to go over what we needed to know. It was also a great way to bring Maddie to her classroom so she could play and become accustomed to the room without all the other kids there. While she was playing with the puzzles, we discussed lunch time. I've already explained that Maddie LOVES peanut butter and jelly in a bowl. I had planned on making that for her almost every day. Until this. "There is a girl in the class that is severely allergic to peanuts. No peanut products are allowed." Oy. Okay- we can get through this. Her teacher then explained that they do offer hot lunches but most "brown bag" it. No problem. I CAN do this.

We woke up early the first morning of school, all three of us excited/nervous. After getting her ready, I began to pack her lunch. Cheese cubes, yogurt, grapes, pretzels. Would this be enough for her to eat? What would the other kids have for lunch? She won't eat meat or bread, so a sandwich was out of the question. I threw a banana in for good measure. I explained that her lunch would be in this brown paper bag with her name on it, and her new friends would have bags also, so don't get them mixed up.

We arrive at school with a few minutes to spare. I start unpacking her school bag and go to put her paper bag lunch in a cubby. NO. NO. NO. Most of the cubbies are already full. With Dora, Diego, Bob the Builder, and PRINCESS lunchboxes. Not brown paper bags. I shoved her paper sack in a bottom cubby and turned to give her a hug, but she wouldn't stop staring at the pretty lunchboxes. "But Mommy, that one has ALL the princesses on it" I explained to her that she would have a great day and took her to her teacher.

Who knew? I literally thought the teacher meant that the kids would bring brown paper bags. I'm an idiot. The entire day, my thoughts were consumed with my poor baby being the only one without a nice, pretty lunchbox- much less if she was actually eating what I packed her. Then I began thinking, "It's good for her. She doesn't have anything to prove to these children." I convinced myself that it was for her own good that she would be bringing a paper bag to school. My child WILL NOT fall into the trap of worldly goods. Might as well get used to not having what everyone else has, because realistically, she won't. It never hurt anyone, right?

Justin and I picked her up from school and headed straight to Target. Maddie got her lunchbox. Purple with 3 (that's right- 3) princesses.

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Suburban Turmoil said...

Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa! This is only the beginning...

P.S. All the kids in my daughter's preschool have brown bags. Heh.

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