Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You've Got A Friend

"Let's race! If I win, I'll jump up and down. If you win, then you can jump up and down. And we'll both clap, and my mommy will cheer for us. Ok?"

What the. . . ? I look down the hallway. Just Maddie. I wonder if Justin is around. He's on the couch. Then I see a Maddie run down the hall and laugh like a lunatic.

"I won!!! No- you don't jump up and down. I DO. Wanna race again?" And she's off. I'm pretty sure she's got an imaginary friend. And apparently one that doesn't listen to the rules.

Great. Now what? Am I supposed to talk to it? Invite it to dinner? Ignore it? That's my number one choice, by the way.

Or maybe I'm supposed to have another baby so Maddie won't be lonely and weird.

Nah. I'm good. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it's invited to our family dinner. As long as it doesn't eat too much.

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