Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PTA Nightmare

I am the poster child for the parent who is not welcome to the PTA meeting. It's true. I'm afraid I'm simply not cut out for it. And this year has proven it.

When I walk through the halls to take Maddie to her class, I see perfectly coifed hair, high heels, and smirks. I'm usually wearing exercise clothes, with a sloppy ponytail and no makeup. There must be an alarm that goes off when I walk through the door to tell all the other moms that an inadequate parent just walked in and to come see for themselves.

There is a crate to put the folders in at the beginning of each day. For most parents, it just takes a second. For me, a lot longer. I usually have to take out all of the papers I forgot to ooh and ahh over and hide them so no one will know how bad of a parent I am. And then sign the sheet of paper that says Maddie behaved herself, from the last time she went to school. I usually end up holding up the line and dropping the cotton ball masterpiece on my way out.

Did you know some of the moms actually brought baked goods to the teacher. On Halloween. And Thanksgiving. I'm sure it was made with good intentions and with no ulterior motives, but it sounds like bribery to me. Think about it. If it was the norm, and everyone brought banana/pumperknickel/zucchini bread on holidays, don't you think they would have sent out a letter to tell the rest of us?

Today reinforced my belief that I'm just not made for this whole preschool/PTA mom thing. I couldn't find Maddie's jacket, and when I did it was in the bottom of her school bag.

Right on top of a rotting banana. And I'm not sure how long it had been there.

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Anonymous said...

No--the other moms are on their way to work and you are not--they're envious! I could tell you a story or two--about the tuna fish sandwich, or etc.

Chris said...

She is right!! I am one of those jealous moms who would love to be in my workout clothes and no makeup ready to spend the day with MYSELF! Wouldn't that be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

If I remember--you have lots of years to practice. This is just preschool!

lattemommy said...

Does Maddie go to the same preschool my Princess goes to? Certainly sounds like it! I'm not sure how these other moms do it - half the time I'm lucky if I've showered, and they look like they've just stepped out of the salon!

Thankfully, there's one other mom at our preschool who seems to be living my life. Except she's got one more kid than I do, so I feel like I should be pulling up my socks some more.

Oh, and none of these fancy pants women work - I've checked. *sigh*

Rachel said...


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