Monday, November 12, 2007

Why I Love Technology

I love getting mail. Magazines, sale papers, and especially invitations to friends' wedding/baby showers, weddings, and parties. But, today, I got an invitation from someone that I barely know- and I don't really like what I do know. And the wording of the invitation irked me. Business Launch Party.

Stop. Right. There. From the top- I know she wants me to buy something. I read further. Yep- overpriced skin care products.

I tried to think of an excuse on why I couldn't come, then tried to gage when I should call to make sure that I wouldn't have to talk to her. I do much better lying to answering machines. Then, I see her email address. MUCH BETTER.

Dear So and So,

Thank you for inviting me to your business launch party. It was so sweet of you to think of me, even though we've barely spoken in 3 years. I must say I was surprised, however. I mean, this is HUGE- starting to sell face cleaner from your home. And you thought to include me. I'm touched. Really.

One of the last times we spoke was at your wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid. Where you told me that if your other friend had been able to do it, you wouldn't have needed me. Oh, and that the reason I wasn't invited to the pamper party the day before was because you didn't think I would like it. Thanks for sparing me, by the way, from a pedicure and manicure. I really appreciate it.

And I should be very grateful that you consider us to be close enough to share in this important time in your life. It really shouldn't matter that you were unable to attend my wedding, much less either my wedding or baby shower. But, you see- it kinda does.

So, in other words, I won't be able to make it to your business launch party. I'm sure I'll either have or make other plans.

Hope to hear from you in a few more years, when you start another business because this one just failed,

Isn't email great??!!

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Suburban Turmoil said...

You KNOW how I feel about "friends" selling "friends" products.

Hell to the no.

Rachel said...

I think I love you! LOL! That is hysterical!
Totally snarky and oh so subtle! I get those all the time and they drive me crazy!
Love it! Thanks for the laugh!!

Marina said...

Wow - I wish I had the guts to write something like that! Did you really send it? It really made me laugh.
-Marina (

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