Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day Love. . . Not So Much

I'm not a fan of V-day. I personally think it's silly to devote only one day to show the people around you that you love them. Commercialism at it's best.

It's turning into something so much more than a one day thing. I'm afraid that eventually, when someone mentions taking a holiday break, it will start with Thanksgiving, go through Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine's Day and end with President's Day.

One one side, that's great. People go out to eat several days before the big day to avoid the crowds. That helps me because I work in a restaurant, and in this economy, we need all the business we can get.

On the other side, it's kinda not. You start seeing pink and red hearts shortly after they get rid of the New Year's party gear. Cupids are flying around, shooting arrows all willy-nilly. Single men are hiding behind trees trying to avoid the arrows; single women are jumping up, hoping one might hit them. But not too soon. V-day can turn into something really awkward if the arrow hits too early. Nothing scares a man off quicker than feeling the pressure of declaring undying love over a box of chocolates.

Good times.

Maddie worked on her Valentine's cards all week. She struggle to find just the right card for just the right person. Which wasn't easy since the Barbie cards she chose only came in four variations. The mean boys all got heart ones, because "they need more love in their hearts."

Her party was going to be today. The kids worked for 2 weeks getting their boxes ready. Hearts were cut out and glued. Sparkles were placed in just the right place. I've gotten updates upon updates about the progress of the boxes.

I got word that school is canceled today. Over 20% of the children in the elemtary school have been out sick. Thank God Maddie isn't one of them.

The party has been post-poned until next Friday.

This stupid, made-up holiday is never going to end, is it?

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Carrin said...

My kids school was cancelled today also because we are getting 4-8 inches of snow in a 4 hour period! I'm not too disappointed about it! I'm one of those Oh-crap-you-have-a-party-tomorrow moms! Now I actually have more time to prepare.

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