Monday, February 9, 2009

Teach Those Vultures Some Manners

Justin turned to me. "The vultures are waiting to pounce."

I looked back and saw exactly what he was talking about. "Let's get this over with." I replied.

We got out of our vehicle and within 13.5 seconds, we were approached. "SowhatcanIshowyou?Lookingforanythinginparticular?Pricerange?Blahblahblah"

Yes, we were car shopping.

We've needed a new vehicle for a loooong time. Our '99 Explorer has well over 200,000 miles and has needed a new engine for over 3 years.

And I think the main reason we've put off getting a new car was the dread of dealing with the sales people. I mean, besides the fact that we have been broke for well, ever.

So while they were practically begging us to take the first car we looked at for a test drive, we were trying to put them off because we were in a hurry to pick Maddie up from school. We promised to give them a call and set up an appointment if we decided we wanted to try it out.

"So, when were you hoping to buy a car?"

"We planned on doing it next week."

And then the floor manager asked us a question that I will admit to wanting to ask customers that look out of their element. Especially in February. But I never do because I wouldn't want to be that rude. It's just bad manners, in my opinion.

"Oh. Are you expectin' a check?"

"Um, yeah. We are."

And with that one question, she pretty much just lost our business. We will take our refund and spend it elsewhere. Thankyouverymuch.

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Amy said...

We bought my truck pretty much on the internet. Hubs emailed sales people and did not give a phone number so anyone could "talk" to us. Worked out pretty good!

Carrin said...

I hate car salespeople. I understand they work on commission but still, lay off a little dude!

Wendi said...

Can we still be friends if I told you my husband is in the um, business?
Good luck on your new car purchase!
Can't wait to hear about what you find.

Anonymous said...

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