Monday, April 6, 2009

Book Review and Giveaway

One of Maddie's very favorite things to do is swing. She took her first turn in the swing when she was about 6 months old.

And loved it.

Soon, the little daredevil was begging for more.


My arms would be exhausted by the time we left the park.

Now that she is older, and has a swingset of her own, she has taught herself how to swing and to make herself go "higher, higher." Thank God.

A few days ago, I watched her swing. I wish I could have read her mind. She was enjoying every second of making herself go as high as she possibly could. And laughing like a lunatic the entire time.

This is one of the reasons I enjoyed Leslie Patricelli book "Higher! Higher!" so much. It is full of vivid pictures of the adventures a little girl encounters while swinging. Just how high can she go? Over a giraffe? Over a mountain? Into outer space?

I'm sure every child that loves to swing has gone there. The possibilities are endless.

One of her other books, "Baby Happy Baby Sad" was equally endearing. Maddie flipped through the pages, reading each scenario, then said with all seriousness-"Babies sure do go from happy to sad quickly, don't they?"

She has no idea. Or memory, for that matter.

This book is best for ages 1-3, and since Maddie is 5, it didn't hold her interest for long. But I know from experience that it would have been one of her favorites 3 years ago.

She told me that I could give away the baby book, but not the swing book. So. . .

If you want this book, leave me a comment. Like I said, it's best for ages 1-3 but would also make a cute baby gift. I'll have Maddie pick the winner. Good luck!

***Comments now closed***Sorry 'bout your luck***Except Megan***She won the book***

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog! I enjoy reading it! My 3 year old loves books, and this would be great to add to her collection.


this looks great- remember when you were younger did you ever try to flip over- get as high as you could- this book looks great

carolasar said...

Oh I would love this book to share with my granddaughter

AElizabeth said...

Lilah's a little young, but we always welcome new books into her growing collection!

liane66 said...

Sounds cute.
Thanks for the giveaway!

paula h said...

My son is Two and would love a new book. He loves being read to.


Brooke said...

Would be a perfect book for Lil Kiwi... we read to her everyday as well as to her brother... He's Maddie's age so he could help read it to his little sister..

Megan said...

This book would be perfect for Matthew. At 16 months,he has developed a temper and is showing us just how quickly he can go from happy to sad.

Leslie S. said...

My 21 month old would love this book.He loves me or his older siblings reading to him.Thanks!

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