Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Rug

Justin and I have definite ideas about how we want to decorate our house and what we want to decorate it with. I would term it understated contemporary.

We know what we like- pretty much everything at Target. And we know what we don't like- pretty much everything his mom likes.

This is what I like to call the "Bettye Effect"

Two months ago
Bettye: "I have a rug that you might like."

Justin: "We will look at it and see if we want it. But if we don't like it, don't get mad."

One month ago
Bettye: "You know, that rug has all of your colors in it. I think you will like it."

Justin: "We'll take a look at it."

Two weeks ago
Bettye: "You will love that rug. It would look so good in that room."

Justin: "Mom, I'm willing to look at it, but I make no promises."

Last Saturday
Bettye: That rug is going to look perfect in your office. The colors are going to match with everything. I just know it."

Me: looking feverishly for Justin "Okay."

I have a feeling I'm going to be getting a rug very soon.

And switching it out with the one that we like every time she comes to visit.

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DysFUNctional Mom said...

My in-laws do this too, but they insist if we don't want something, just tell them. So you know what, I started doing just that. They are over-decoraters and I don't like a lot of clutter and crap, and my tastes are just a lot simpler.

noble pig said...

There's this great word I learned recently and it makes people mad at first but then they get it. The word is....NO! I know you can do it.

Rachel said...

My MIL used to do this.
My mother still occasionally does it.

NO is a great word, but it is in my opinion, the hardest word to pronounce.

KellyK said...

LOVE your blog! I am mom to two and a first grade teacher, your posts leave me laughing and smiling all through the day. BTW, as a mom to a 7 yr old horse lover I feel I must say, it has been 5 years for us...her love for horses is not going anywhere!

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