Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

I have a strange habit. It could even be termed a fixation. And I can't help myself.

I read each and every church sign I see. Believe me, living in the buckle of the Bible belt- I read a lot of signs. I've even turned around and drove back to the church because I missed what it said.

Some of the time, there is a Bible verse- which never hurts.

Some of the time, there is a cutesie little saying that is cute until I get to a stop sign.

Some of the time, I wonder what in the world the church was thinking when they put it on the board.

Most recently, I passed a church and the sign had 5 simple words on it. I did a double take because I was sure that I had read it incorrectly. I hadn't. It read:

Wow. I could just imagine being a guest walking into the church and asking to sit in the "sinners" section. Would there be ushers? I pictured it to be like a wedding- Are you family, friend, or SINNER? Ahhh, you are one of those SINNERS, huh? Well, here is your red "S". Make sure you wear it so everyone will know. Oh look, you are the only one sitting in the SINNER section of church.

I could go on forever.

I'm sure the church's point was to simply make it clear that everyone is welcome. But, really- if you weren't a Christian, would you want to try it out based on that sign? I'm a Christian and a sinner and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. But that's just me.

I found some pictures of church signs that are pretty funny and if I were looking for a church, I might try it out because it's evident that someone in the church has a sense of humor. Enjoy.

Church signs Pictures, Images and Photos

Church signs Pictures, Images and Photos

holy ghost party. Pictures, Images and Photos

church signs Pictures, Images and Photos

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Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I hate those signs that are signed "-God". The nerve of someone to speak for Him! One of my big pet peeves.

Future Envy of the PTA said...

A church down the mountain from us had the same sign a few months ago and it infuriated me as much as it did you. I feel quite sure that it was not meant to be rude, but there was nothing warm and inviting about it. I've actually considered visiting this church because we are looking for a new one, but that sign put a cap on it and I haven't considered it since. I do love the funny signs though! I worked in a Christian Bible camp and made a sign for the entrance that read, "Free trip to Heaven! Details inside!" That's still one of my favorites.

Karen said...

Church signs are some of the most entertaining things out there, hands down. But the sinners sign is just not well thought out. I'm thinking they didn't get many visitors from that one.

The Beaver Bunch said...

I saw one in my hometown the other day that said...

"God uses crayons to make rainbows."


I still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Cracker Barrel has a book for sale entitled Church Signs. Very cute.

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